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Tree stands, which are also called deer stands, are platforms utilized by hunters and can be either enclosed or open. These platforms are securely installed high up in a tree to give the hunter an elevated perspective. There are three types of tree stands: hanging stands, ladder stands, and climbing stands. The most popular type of the tree stand is the ladder stand, which we will be building. [source: Big Game Hunt]

The first step is to create the ladder.

  1. Lay two 20-foot (6-meter) 2-by-4 beams side by side, with the 2-inch (5-cm) side facing up.
  2. Construct the rungs. Cut additional 2-by-4 beams into 2-foot (60.96-cm) pieces. You will need 14 pieces.
  3. Place the rungs every 18 inches (45.72-cm) along the 20-foot (6.096-meter) 2-by-4’s.
  4. Securely nail or screw the rungs onto the 2-by-4’s.
  5. Lean the ladder against the tree and tie the top of the ladder around the tree with a chain or rope. This will prevent the ladder from moving.

Next, construct the seat.

  1. Find a suitable location to build the seat.
  2. Nail two 2-by-4’s horizontally, one above the other, onto two adjacent branches.
  3. Attach a piece of plywood to the 2-by-4’s to create the back of the seat.
  4. Nail two 2-by-4’s onto two different branches that extend outward.


1. What’s the best type of tree stand to build?

Choosing the right type of tree stand depends on your needs and preferences. The most common types of tree stands are ladder stands, hang-on stands, and climbing stands. Ladder stands are great for stability and comfort, while hang-on stands are more lightweight and portable. Climbing stands are perfect for hunters who move around frequently. Consider the location where you’ll be hunting and how frequently you plan to move before deciding on the type of tree stand to build.

2. What materials do I need to build a tree stand?

The materials you’ll need to build a tree stand depend on the design you choose. However, some common materials include wood, metal brackets, screws, bolts, and straps. Make sure to choose high-quality materials that can withstand the weight of the stand and the hunter. Safety should always be a top priority when building a tree stand.

3. How high should I build my tree stand?

The height of your tree stand depends on the type of hunting you plan to do. If you’re bow hunting, you’ll want to be closer to the ground, around 12-16 feet high. For rifle hunting, you can go higher, up to 20-25 feet. However, keep in mind that the higher you go, the more difficult it will be to climb and transport your stand.

4. What safety precautions should I take when building a tree stand?

Safety should be a top priority when building a tree stand. Always use high-quality materials and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Wear safety gear, such as a harness, when climbing or working on your stand. Make sure the stand is securely attached to the tree and that all bolts and screws are tight. Test your stand for stability before using it for hunting.

5. How do I choose the right tree for my stand?

The tree you choose should be healthy, sturdy, and free of any signs of disease or rot. Look for a tree with a straight trunk and strong branches to support your stand. Avoid trees with large knots or other imperfections that could weaken the structure of your stand.

6. How do I secure my stand to the tree?

To secure your stand to the tree, use heavy-duty straps or chains. Make sure the straps or chains are rated for the weight of your stand and the hunter. Attach the straps or chains to the tree first, then attach them to the stand. Tighten the straps or chains until the stand is firmly secured to the tree.

7. What tools do I need to build a tree stand?

The tools you’ll need depend on the design of your tree stand. However, some common tools include a drill, saw, hammer, wrench, and measuring tape. Make sure to have all the necessary tools before starting your project.

8. How long does it take to build a tree stand?

The time it takes to build a tree stand depends on the design and complexity of the project. A simple ladder stand can be built in a day or two, while a more complex stand may take several days or even weeks to complete. Make sure to budget enough time for your project and don’t rush the process.

9. Can I buy a kit to build my tree stand?

Yes, there are many kits available for building tree stands. These kits include all the necessary materials and instructions for building your own stand. Kits can be a great option for those who are new to building or want a simpler project. However, keep in mind that kits may limit your design options.

10. Do I need a permit to build a tree stand?

The requirements for building a tree stand vary by state and municipality. Some areas require permits or may have specific regulations on the type and location of tree stands. Check with your local government or wildlife agency before building your stand to ensure you’re following all the necessary rules and regulations.

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