5 Ways to Add Cedar Scent to Your Home Decor

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Cedar has a warm and woodsy fragrance that is perfect for your home. You can add this lovely scent to your decor in many ways to create a beautiful and effortless style that smells as good as it looks.

Try a Planter Box

Instead of using a typical ceramic or terracotta pot, opt for a small cedar planter box in your foyer, sunroom, or breezeway. This will not only hold a beautiful plant but will also provide a warm and woodsy scent to your space. You can find cedar planter boxes at home improvement or garden stores or even online.

Cedar Candles

Add the subtle fragrance of a cedar forest to your home with a decorative cedar candle. You could also create a custom look by buying small tea-light style cedar candles and placing them at the bottom of old mason jars. For a holiday decoration, coat the inside of a jar with watered-down Elmer’s glue and glitter. Let it dry, and then add your cedar tea-light.

Scent Diffusers

Cedar scent diffusers, also known as reed diffusers, can add an elegant and cozy feel to any space. Natural bamboo reeds absorb the oil scent in a glass jar or dish and gently release it into the air. The oils come in different colors, and diffusers are more child-friendly than candles since they have no flame. They last for about three months and are a great way to add sophistication to a room.

Cedar Chests

A cedar chest is both elegant and fragrant, making it a great way to incorporate cedar into your home. It is moth and bug resistant and serves a dual purpose. You can store spare blankets and heirloom quilts at the foot of your bed or use it as a side table in your living room to store out-of-season clothes like sweaters. Refresh the scent by rubbing fine textured sandpaper gently along the grain of the wood on the inside of the chest and vacuuming the dust before storing clothing.

Outdoor Decor

If you have an outdoor living room or patio, you can add cedar oil torches to scent the area. These can be found in most home stores and often include citronella to keep bugs away. The flickering flames and comforting scents will create a cozy atmosphere for all your outdoor parties.

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1. What are the benefits of using cedar to scent your home?

Cedar has a natural and pleasant scent that can help to repel insects and keep your clothes and linens fresh. It is also known for its calming and relaxing properties, making it a great choice for scenting your home.

2. How can I use cedar to scent my home?

There are several ways to use cedar to scent your home. You can place cedar chips or blocks in your drawers and closets, use cedar essential oil in a diffuser, or even burn cedar incense.

3. Are there any precautions I should take when using cedar to scent my home?

While cedar is generally safe to use, it is important to keep it away from pets and children. Additionally, if you have allergies or sensitive skin, you may want to test cedar products before using them extensively in your home.

4. Can I mix cedar with other scents?

Absolutely! Cedar pairs well with many other scents, including lavender, citrus, and vanilla. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect scent for your home.

5. How long will cedar scent last in my home?

The duration of the scent will depend on the method you use to scent your home and the amount of cedar you use. Generally, cedar chips and blocks will last longer than essential oils or incense. You may need to replace or refresh the cedar every few weeks to maintain the scent.

6. Can I use cedar to scent my car?

Yes! You can place cedar chips or blocks in your car to keep it smelling fresh. Alternatively, you can use a car diffuser with cedar essential oil.

7. Where can I buy cedar products?

Cedar products can be found at many home goods stores, hardware stores, and online retailers. You can also purchase cedar essential oil and incense from specialty retailers or online.

8. Are there any other benefits to using cedar in my home?

In addition to its pleasant scent, cedar has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help to keep your home clean and healthy. It is also a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for scenting your home.

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