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Teens and parents often have different opinions when it comes to decorating their home. Parents want to maintain the house’s investment value while teens want a space that reflects their style and is on-trend. However, it is possible to create a space that both parties will love. Here are five design trends that are hip and sophisticated for every generation to enjoy.

Use Bold Colors

Forget about pale hues on the walls. Today’s designs encourage people to live out loud and surround themselves with colors that make them happy. Teens can choose their favorite color and work with their parents to find the perfect shade that reflects their personality. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls in bold colors like purple, pink, lime green, or dark blue. To prevent the walls from looking too over-processed, match the color to a natural version of it.

Add Graphic Patterns

Fun graphic patterns add sophistication and edginess to a space. Stripes, chevrons, and funky geometric designs can be used as a focal point or an accent piece, like pillows or a chair. These patterns come in a variety of hues, from subtle to bright, so finding a balance in color that both parents and teens can agree on is easy.

Mix and Match Patterns, Colors, and Textures

Teens like to mix patterns, colors, and textures in a way that most adults don’t. Good design involves layering textures and patterns to create a unique space. Since a teen’s bedroom is their own personal space, they should be allowed to mix and match accessories to infuse their style into the room. Let them paint a plain pillow, add a crazy-colored blanket, or shred the edges of a pillow. These accessories are easy to swap out and allow the teen to feel like the room is all theirs without harming the home’s long-term value.

Use Hobby Pieces as Art

Teen’s hobbies can be incorporated into the design of their space. Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, guitar playing, or fashion design, use the objects related to their favorite hobbies as part of the room’s decor. Hang a skateboard rack on the wall, display a favorite dress as a piece of art, or cover the walls in album covers. This personal touch will have a much more significant impact than any poster framed and hung on the wall.

Inventive Storage Solutions for a Tidy Teen Room

For teens, cleaning up their living space is often a tedious chore. To make it a fun and easy task, it’s essential to provide them with the necessary tools. One way to do that is to come up with innovative storage ideas. Instead of a conventional closet door, install a hidden door that appears like a bookshelf but opens up to your teen’s wardrobe. This solution maximizes storage space and adds a unique touch to the room. Other engaging ideas include creating a loft area or raising the bed, adding a storage locker, or arranging vintage bins or crates for storing things like shoes and books.

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1. What are some popular color schemes for teen bedrooms?

Some popular color schemes for teen bedrooms include bright and bold colors like turquoise, hot pink, and lime green. Pastel colors like blush pink, lavender, and mint green are also popular.

2. How can I incorporate trendy patterns into my teen’s room?

You can incorporate trendy patterns into your teen’s room by using patterned bedding, curtains, or wallpaper. Popular patterns for teens include chevron, polka dots, and floral prints.

3. What are some must-have decor items for a trendy teen room?

Some must-have decor items for a trendy teen room include a statement wall art piece, string lights, a cozy throw blanket, and decorative pillows in fun patterns and colors.

4. How can I create a trendy and functional study space for my teen?

You can create a trendy and functional study space for your teen by incorporating a desk with ample storage, a comfortable chair, and good lighting. Decorate the space with fun desk accessories like a colorful pencil holder or a trendy lamp.

5. What are some popular furniture pieces for teen rooms?

Popular furniture pieces for teen rooms include a comfortable bed with a stylish headboard, a versatile dresser with ample storage, and a trendy accent chair or bean bag for lounging.

6. How can I incorporate my teen’s interests into their room design?

You can incorporate your teen’s interests into their room design by displaying their favorite sports team’s memorabilia, using art prints or posters of their favorite musicians or actors, or incorporating their favorite hobby into the room’s decor.

7. What are some trendy lighting options for teen rooms?

Some trendy lighting options for teen rooms include string lights, a stylish pendant light, or a fun table lamp in a bright color or unique shape.

8. How can I create a cohesive look in my teen’s room?

You can create a cohesive look in your teen’s room by sticking to a color scheme, incorporating similar patterns and textures throughout the space, and choosing furniture and decor pieces that complement each other.

9. What are some fun DIY decor projects for a teen room?

Some fun DIY decor projects for a teen room include creating a gallery wall of your teen’s favorite photos or artwork, painting a mural on one of the walls, or repurposing old furniture with a fresh coat of paint or new hardware.

10. How can I make my teen’s room feel more grown-up?

You can make your teen’s room feel more grown-up by incorporating sophisticated decor pieces like a plush area rug, stylish curtains, or a chic vanity area. You can also encourage your teen to choose more mature decor pieces and furniture as they get older.

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