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Chipmunks may appear cute in movies, but if they are in your home, they can cause chaos. marcophotos / Getty Images

Although movies and cartoons portray chipmunks as harmless and adorable, homeowners who have dealt with chipmunk problems know the destruction they can cause. Before contacting an exterminator or pest control service, consider using these affordable, effortless, and successful techniques to eliminate chipmunks. Discover how to eliminate chipmunks from your property by reading the tips below.

  • Sunflower bucket technique One of the most effective and humane ways to catch chipmunks is to use the bucket method. Fill a bucket with water and disperse some sunflower seeds on the surface. Place the bucket in your backyard or wherever you have seen chipmunks frequently. It’s preferable to locate the bucket next to a ledge or step. The chipmunk will fall into the water and will be unable to escape. Then, you may move the pest to a forested area far away from your home. Make sure there is enough water in the bucket to keep the chipmunk in, but not so much that it will drown [source: Steinau].
  • Hot sauce Hot sauce has an unpleasant taste for numerous animals, including chipmunks, dogs, and rats. Simply make a mixture of hot sauce and water, and spray it all over your lawn and garden. This will keep pesky nuisances away from your yard and garden [source: Willowbrook wildlife].
  • Beach balls Chipmunks are not the bravest of creatures. If you place a few inflated beach balls on your lawn, the chipmunks will be frightened away when the beach balls are blown around by the wind [source: Willowbrook wildlife].

If these methods do not work, it is time to seek assistance from a professional.


1. What are chipmunks and why do they invade my yard?

Chipmunks are small rodents that are commonly found in North America. They are known for their striped fur and their habit of burrowing underground. Chipmunks are attracted to yards because they offer plenty of food and shelter. They will often dig tunnels in flowerbeds and gardens, and will eat seeds, nuts, and other small plants.

2. How can I tell if I have a chipmunk problem?

If you have a chipmunk problem, you will likely notice holes in your yard or garden. You may also see chipmunks running around your yard, especially in the early morning or late afternoon. If you have a bird feeder, you may notice chipmunks stealing birdseed.

3. Are chipmunks dangerous?

Chipmunks are generally not dangerous to humans, but they can cause damage to gardens and lawns. They can also carry diseases such as Lyme disease, which can be transmitted to humans through tick bites.

4. What are some natural ways to get rid of chipmunks?

There are several natural ways to get rid of chipmunks, including using predator urine, such as coyote or fox urine, spreading peppermint oil or flakes around your yard, and planting certain plants that chipmunks dislike, such as daffodils or alliums.

5. What are some humane ways to get rid of chipmunks?

Humane ways to get rid of chipmunks include using live traps, which can be purchased at most hardware stores, and relocating the chipmunks to a nearby wooded area. You can also use a sonic repellent device, which emits high-frequency sounds that are unpleasant to chipmunks.

6. What are some non-humane ways to get rid of chipmunks?

Non-humane ways to get rid of chipmunks include using snap traps or poison baits. However, these methods can be dangerous to other wildlife and pets, and should only be used as a last resort.

7. How can I prevent chipmunks from coming back?

To prevent chipmunks from coming back, you can make sure your yard is clean and free of debris, and remove any potential food sources, such as birdseed or fallen fruit. You can also install fencing or hardware cloth around gardens and flowerbeds to keep chipmunks out.

8. When should I call a professional?

If you have tried several methods to get rid of chipmunks and still have a problem, or if you are unsure of how to safely remove chipmunks from your property, it may be time to call a professional pest control company. They can safely and effectively remove chipmunks from your yard and help you prevent future infestations.

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