The Comeback of Wallpaper: A Modern Twist on an Old Favorite

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Gone are the days of dated patterns and floral designs. Wallpaper has made a comeback and it’s bolder and brighter than ever before. While paint may have taken over in the ’90s, wallpaper has returned as a popular choice for adding color and pattern to a room. With a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns available, wallpaper can serve as the backdrop or the main attraction in a room. Here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for wallpaper in today’s market.

Start with a Modern Design

Today’s wallpapers are anything but boring. From big and bold florals to graphic stripes, the options are endless. Nature-inspired designs are also popular, with papers featuring wood grain and actual wood veneers. Metallic sheens are also available in various patterns and colors. With such a broad selection of styles, wallpaper can rejuvenate a room and tie it all together.

Did You Know?

Wallpaper doesn’t have to cover the entire wall. A few squares of your favorite print can be placed in a frame and hung as art.

Add Texture with Wallpaper

Texture is another popular trend in wallpaper design. Natural textures like grass cloth, linen, and bamboo can add warmth and dimension to a room. Papers that mimic granite, slate, and stone are also available and can give the look of a real exposed brick wall at a fraction of the cost. For those who want to choose their own colors, paintable textured wallpaper is also an option. Wallpaper can bring a subtle depth to the walls and create a cozy atmosphere in any room.


While Disney murals are popular, there are plenty of adult options available as well. If you want to create a unique atmosphere in your home, consider a jungle safari mural with realistic lions and tigers. If you love to travel, a wall-sized map of the world can be a great conversation starter. If you’re a beach lover, you can choose a tropical oasis mural and pair it with a wave machine to simulate an ocean environment. Other options include Asian scenes, bamboo forests, urban cityscapes, and even the Last Supper. If you want to make a statement without committing to a theme, you can choose from many floral or abstract designs.

Did you know? The Chinese were the first to use wallpaper, pasting rice paper to walls as early as 200 B.C.

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1. What is the latest trend in wallpaper design?

The latest trend in wallpaper design is a return to bold, vibrant patterns and colors. Designers are moving away from the traditional, subtle wallpaper patterns of the past and are instead focusing on creating wallpaper that makes a statement. This can include everything from large-scale floral patterns to bold geometric designs.

2. Is wallpaper making a comeback?

Yes, wallpaper is definitely making a comeback. After years of being seen as outdated and out of fashion, wallpaper is once again becoming a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike. This is due in part to the rise of bold wallpaper designs that are both eye-catching and on-trend.

3. What are the advantages of using wallpaper over paint?

One of the main advantages of using wallpaper over paint is that wallpaper can add texture and depth to a room that can be difficult to achieve with paint alone. Additionally, wallpaper can be a great way to add color and pattern to a space, and can easily be removed or changed if you decide you want a new look. Finally, high-quality wallpaper can last for many years, meaning you won’t have to worry about repainting or touching up the walls in your home for a long time.

4. Are there any downsides to using wallpaper?

One potential downside of using wallpaper is that it can be more difficult to install than paint, and may require the help of a professional. Additionally, if you choose to use a bold wallpaper pattern, it can be difficult to change the look of the room without removing the wallpaper entirely. Finally, wallpaper can be more expensive than paint, especially if you opt for a high-end, designer wallpaper.

5. How can I incorporate wallpaper into my home?

There are many ways to incorporate wallpaper into your home. You can choose to wallpaper an entire room for a bold, statement-making look, or you can opt for a more subtle approach by wallpapering just one accent wall. Additionally, you can use wallpaper to add interest to a small space, such as a powder room or closet. Finally, consider using wallpaper to add texture and depth to your home decor by incorporating it into bookcases, cabinets, or other built-in features.

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